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Troon Funding Services  Capitalize Your Potential

Troon Funding Services Capitalize Your Potential

Our goal is to solve your cash flow needs through every stage of growth.  We separate ourselves by allowing you, our client, to do more, to take advantage of more new opportunities, to do more with current customers,  to do more for your employees all of which will add to your bottom line.

Our professionals have real world experience and believe every business deserves the chance to grow, and we will go the extra mile to help make this happen.

Growing companies with working capital needs count on Troon Funding Services for Accounts Receivable Factoring, Credit Protection, Asset Based Lending, Equipment Leasing, Purchase Order Funding, Bridge Funding for Letters of Credit and other specialized programs that improve your cash flow.

Troon Funding provides the funding and cash flow your business needs.  On the factoring side we utilize the good credit of your customers to secure the capital for your business.  We purchase your invoices and give you the cash immediately.  By doing so, there no debt to be repaid, unlike other forms of financing such as short term loans, venture capital lines, and/or revolving lines of credit.  By purchasing your invoices on a continuous basis we greatly enhance your cash flow and day-to-day business operation.

Our goal is to support you and your business through each stage of growth, and help you move into the right product at the right time.  We will guide you through each stage of your growth and with all funding sources under one umbrella our team of professionals will continually be working on your future cash needs while you manage your daily business.

Whether your focus is on immediate cash and/or whether it is planning for an upcoming project we have the funding vehicles to support your growth.

Troon Funding specializes in but is not limited to the following income streams.

  • Vendor Insta-Pay Program
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Purchase Order Financing
  • Non-Recourse Factoring
  • Letters Of Credit
  • Import Finance
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Maturity Factoring
  • Business Notes
  • Private Real Estate Notes
  • Commercial Equity Recapitalization

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