Purchase Order Financing

What Is Purchase Order Funding?

Grow Your Business Now Utilizing P.O. Financing

Grow Your Business Now Utilizing P.O. Financing

Purchase Orders are a formal agreement that a product is going to be delivered on a specific date and bought at a specific price.

How Are Purchase Orders Created?
Purchase Orders are submitted by a buyer to the provider of a product. This is a promise to purchase goods rather than an invoice for goods already delivered. In some cases, cash is needed to allow the business to receive raw materials they need to fill the order and deliver the goods requested in the purchase order.

Who Can Benefit from the Funding of Purchase Orders?
The receiver of the purchase order can sell their respective income stream. The proceeds from this can then be used for equipment purchases, raw materials, or other business expansion and expenses.

Purchase Order Funding Deal Criteria
Our single focus is your transaction. Unlike other sources of capital, we look beyond your financial statements and make our decisions using other factors.

(a) Management Experience:
Your expertise in your field is key, even if your company is young.

(b) Reliable Sourcing:
We look for suppliers and subcontractors who have a proven track record.

(c) Valid Purchase Orders:
We provide financing based upon valid purchase orders issued by your creditworthy customers.

(d) Internal Work
We look to see the logistics of each transaction and create a risk score based on same.

(e) Verifiable Repayment:
Most likely by the ultimate credit-worthy customer.

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